You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book. -Dr. Seuss

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Our powerful phonics – focused curriculum, memorable characters, catchy songs, meaningful storylines, and effective word work fosters happy and confident students who love to read.

Our literacy instruction utilizes dynamic and researched-based programs that look and work like no other. Children learn the secrets to cracking the reading code in an exciting and engaging way. Children feel encouraged, successful, and empowered.

Leanne works collaboratively with parents to achieve desired reading goals. 

Our specialty is making the reading process stress-free, interactive, and fun with proven and consistent results.

About Leanne 

Leanne Weinbrot received her Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of Central Florida in 2005. Since then, she’s been a leader in Education for over 15 years and has created/implemented outstanding reading programs at various South Florida schools. She has taught hundreds of children how to read! 

Leanne is a literacy consultant for Zaner-Bloser/Highlights, whose educational curricula and digital resources provide language arts/literacy support to students nationally. 

As an International Baccalaureate Certified Teacher, she has guided the educational and emotional development of students ages 3-18 and students with special needs. 

Furthermore, she has extensive experience guiding teenagers on travel and community service trips around the globe.


Experience what we have to offer!

  • A personalized educational plan that helps kids soar academically, mentally, and emotionally.
  • Literacy instruction with a dynamic and researched-based program that looks and works like no other. Children learn the secrets to cracking the reading code in an exciting and engaging way. Leanne makes the reading process fun! With Leanne the Reading Fairy, children feel successful and empowered.
  • Yoga Literacy: An innovative, immersive approach that integrates yoga, story-telling, phonics, and mindfulness with literacy instruction.
  • Writing Instruction: Students learn to navigate the writing process to publish their own stories and ideas. 


Ms. Leanne is the best reading tutor - EVER (even virtually which makes her even more amazing!). My son was really struggling (5 year old) with even identifying all his letters. He just wasn't interested and had been embarassed at school for not knowing the answers so just reviewing ABCs with him was impossible. I hired Leanne, (who is very reasonably priced) and in about a month he is reading full words! He does all his classes virtual and I am amazed at how she keeps him engaged and follows his cues. Best money I have spent because reading is so important!

I cant say enough about Ms. Leanne, she is amazingly talented. Lots of patience, willingness to find the niche that works for each individual child. Both my children are complete opposites and bring there own challenges to the table. Leanne has a hidden talent of being able to find the best fit learning experience to mold for each one. I highly recommend her.

If it weren’t for Ms. Leanne, I wouldn’t be surviving this COVID homeschooling thing. Being worried about curriculum quality from our school and my delivery as the in-person instructor had me worried that my kids weren’t doing well in reading. However, Ms. Leanne has a well-structured and very engaging curriculum than has my kids thriving in reading. My 4 year old in preschool is reading at a mid-kindergarten level, while my first grader is finally caught up after the laps in teaching we faced back in March when schools were forced closed. I’m very happy with their progress, and am so appreciative of the support Ms. Leanne gives throughout the week. Beyond the curriculum and lessons she provides, Ms. Leanne is very interactive with kids. It doesn’t feel like screen time teaching. My kids are able to control her screen and make selections, watch videos and write with her in addition to reading the letters and words on the screen. I cannot emphasize enough how happy I am for choosing to work with Leann, and my kids look forward to their weekly sessions with her.

Miss Leanne is every bit “the reading fairy!” She makes reading magical, fun, engaging, and so very personalized. My daughter (6), looks forward to her virtual sessions and Leanne does an amazing job keeping her engaged and on-track with her reading. She connects with her on a personal level and we’ve definitely noticed an improvement and confidence boost in reading with our rising first grader. Highly recommend securing a spot with “Leanne the Reading Fairy!”

Leanne is a miracle sent from up above. We could not have asked for a bigger blessing than her to get our daughter to where she needed to be and excel in reading. Our daughter was struggling with reading and Leanne executed a plan and within no time had her reading like never before.

Leanne has taught 3 of my children grades k-5 for over 2 years, and I have seen them blossom and grow immensely, their progress is constant, they are more confident in their reading and writing skills, she incorporates movement and creativity in a way that is fun and engaging for the children. I Highly recommend her if you’re looking for someone knowledgeable, professional, nurturing and caring.

If you want your children to learn in an environment of peace, I recommend 100% Mrs.Leanne, she is my daughter's teacher for the past year, the only thing my daughter tells me is that she loves her very much, because she treats her with great respect and cares.. Thank you for all you do for Bri


Yoga storytelling implemented at Scheck Hillel

Scheck Hillel Community School in North Miami Beach has implemented yoga as a way to deepen and reinforce pre-literacy skills in Early Childhood students. Through this program, called yoga storytelling, students listen to a story and then interact with body movements by acting as the story’s characters to retell the narrative. Yoga storytelling is part of this Jewish school’s approach to individualized education: nurturing learners in mind, body and spirit. The program’s instructional activity is designed to help the students visualize the story, resulting in strong comprehension, while obtaining the physical and mental health benefits of yoga as a form…

Miami Herald: At this preschool, kids learn downward-facing dog

A private Jewish school near Aventura is combining yoga with storytelling in the hope of teaching pre-literacy skills to its preschool-age children. Leanne Weinbrot of Scheck Hillel Community School teaches yoga poses to her class of 3- and 4-year-olds as she tells stories of bunnies and crabs escaping the clutches of wolves and crocodiles — all while holding a beaver puppet named Babs. The yoga poses she shows the students match the vocabulary they learn from the stories. Weinbrot said she believes incorporating motion into the classroom makes the lessons stick. Weinbrot, also a first-grade teacher at the K-12 school,…

Leanne Weinbrot teaches Kids Yoga at Scheck Hillel